Florida Landlords Can Charge Renters Who Break Lease Two Month Penalty

Miami Renters and Miami Beach Landlords Read This!The Florida rental laws get a major change.

Landlords are happy; tenants aren’t.

The Florida Legislature updated the state’s 34-year-old rental laws on an almost unanimous vote, allowing landlords the ability to levy thousands of dollars in penalties against renters who break their leasing agreements.

How was the rental law before this?

A landlord or real estate investor renting a property to tenant could only charge a renter who breaks the lease for the time required to get a new tenant for the home. Overlapping payments weren’t allowed, a practice known as “double rent”.

How have the rental laws changed?

Tenants are now culpable who not only leave before their lease term is over but also those who do not give a 60-day written notice that they will not be renewing their lease. These new changes will now allow landlords in Florida to collect thousands of dollars in penalties from their previous tenant even if they have a tenant lined up and ready to move into the property immediately.

How much would a renter who breaks their lease have to pay?

The penalty is equal to two month’s rent. The renter may also face additional expenses equal to another month to pay back any concessions offered. These concessions may include a free month originally given by a landlord as an incentive to sign a lease.