Are Amity and Phil still together?

The nation fell in love with Amity and Phil on the very first season on The Block back in 2003, and once again back in 2013 on The Block All Stars. But after two decades together the pair split last year, shocking fans of the much-loved television couple.

“We are still together,” Jarrod said. “They (Daniel and Madi) have been friends for a long time, she did all the graphic design for his cookbook. “We are all good friends.” He did admit they have been spending time apart.

Furthermore, are BEC and George still together? Bec and George: still together Bec and George are still together and are now parents to two boys, Archie and Lenny. Since leaving the show, they went on to renovate their own home as well as start a building and design business, Nectar. Bec and George pose for their official The Block photos.

Considering this, is Amity Dry married?

Phil Rankine

Who wins the Block Season 11?

Dean Paine Shay Paine

Is Dan from the block married?

Dan Reilly. When he made his debut on The Block with girlfriend, now wife, Dani Wales in 2012, Dan Reilly “hated everything heritage”.

Do the block contestants get to keep the profit?

The apartments were then sold at auction, with each couple keeping any profit made above a set reserve price and the couple with the highest profit winning a A$100,000 prize.

How old is Keith from the block?

Keith Schleiger age is 47 years.

Are Alyssa and lysandra married?

Lysandra, who divorced husband Ben in 2014, has two children, Emerson, eight, and Cohen, six. Alisa has seven-year-old Nate and Dash, who is nearly three.

How much did Trixie and Johnno win on the block?

Trixie & Johnno – $205,000. Madi & Jarrod – $291,000. Bec & George – $242,000.

Who won the Block 2015 Australia?

DEAN and Shay Paine have been crowned champions of The Blocktagon, with their penthouse apartment going under the hammer for a whopping $2.3 million.

Who won Season 13 of the block?

The Block auctions (or Block-tions) for the houses were held on Saturday, 28 October 2017. Elyse & Josh won the series with comedian Dave Hughes buying their property for over $3m.

Is Amity Dry divorced?

Here are the top reality TV shows to watch out for in 2019. Former star of The Block Amity Dry is working her way through the toughest year of her life after divorcing from her husband Phil Rankine. But after two decades together the pair split last year, shocking fans of the much-loved television couple.

Did sticks and Wombat win the block?

Favourites Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker have won the 13th season of Channel Nine renovation show The Block, with local team Sticks and Wombat finishing fourth in the auction results. Elyse and Josh’s five-bedroom Elsternwick house selling nearly $450,000 over reserve to comedian Dave Hughes.

Who won the Block 2016 Australia?

Port Melbourne 2016: Will Bethune and Karlie Cicero Brisbane couple Will Bethune and Karlie Cicero became the first Queenslanders ever to win The Block, taking home $815,000 in winnings in 2016.

Who won the block Season 4?

Polly Porter Warwick Jones

Who owns the block TV show?

Anna Scarff is the Series Producer of The Block and with nine Blocks under her toolbelt, she’s seen it all, heard it all and has the battered work boots to prove it.

How many seasons of the block are there?


Who won the block sky high?

Lysandra Fraser Alisa Fraser