Can you Miter Trex decking?

Mitered joint

Screwing the Boards You can screw or nail composite decking boards just like wood ones. Three-inch decking screws are the best fastener choice; they sink a secure distance into the joists and won’t back out like nails. There’s little danger of splitting the boards when driving them, so you don’t need to pre-drill.

Subsequently, question is, what is the proper spacing for Trex decking? Most composite decking materials, like Trex composite decking, require minimum joist spacing for composite decking at 16″ on center spacing for straight decking and 12″ on center joist spacing for 45-degree angle diagonal decking.

In this regard, what is the gap between Trex boards?

One of the most critical steps for properly securing composite decking in place is to make sure you have at least a 1/8-inch gap between the decking boards. This space (approximately equal to the width of a 16-penny nail) is important for two reasons.

What is the best blade for cutting Trex?

This blade is excellent for cutting Trex branded materials, composite decking and cellular PVC.

  • Modified Triple Chip Grind (MTCG) enables the material to remain cool while cutting, resulting in melt-free cuts.
  • TiCo high-density carbide for increased performance and maximum cutting life.

Does Trex decking get hot?

Trex decking does not typically get hotter than pressure-treated wood, although on a hot day with a blazing sun, nearly any surface will get uncomfortably hot. Lighter colored boards tend to be slightly cooler than darker composite boards.

How do you speed up composite decking?

To install composite decking with a hidden fastening system, start at the house by face-screwing the first board. Next, screw a hidden fastener clip into the groove on top of each joist. Then, slide the groove of the next board into the clips and tighten with a rubber mallet.

Does Trex decking warp?

Your composite deck may not warp, but it can sag and buckle. Most sagging is caused by improper spacing between the joists when it is installed. Composite decking is fade resistant, but it may fade over time in strong sunlight. Composite decking will get lighter in color tone as it fades.

Do you need special saw blade to cut composite decking?

Choose a blade with a medium tooth count for the most cutting options. These “middle of the road” blades produce smooth cuts in composite while not bogging down on long cuts, or becoming dull too fast. For fast cutting, select a blade with fewer teeth; choose a high count when precision matters most.

What screws for composite decking?

Composite Deck Screws GRK THS82HP Trim HandyPak RT 8 by 2-Inch Composite Screws, 100 Screws per Package. Fastenmaster Fmtr3-212 2-1/2″ Trapease 3 Composite Deck Screw Trex-Tiki Torch – 100 sq.ft. #10 x 2-3/4″ Dark Brown Composite Decking Exterior Coated Wood Screw Torx/Star Drive Head (1 Lb. –

Should you pre drill Trex?

Do I Need to Pre-Drill My Composite or Capstock Decking? However, with advancements in fastener technology, pre-drilling in most composite and capstock deck boards is no longer necessary. Composite deck screws have been consistently used by the industry for about 10 years now.

Do you gap Trex decking?

You must gap Trex® decking, both end-to-end and width-to-width. Gapping is necessary for drainage and the slight thermal expansion and contraction of Trex decking boards. Gapping also allows for the shrinkage of the wood joist system. » Maximum allowable perpendicular overhang for Trex is 102 mm.

What screws do I use for Trex decking?

Trex recommends the use of Starborn® DeckFast® Fascia System, for all composite Trex fascia profiles. For near water applications, you can also use Fascia System HeadCote® stainless steel screws. If using 2 x 8 framing, use two screws every 18″ (457 mm).

Which is better TimberTech or Trex?

The only difference between Timbertech and Trex is that Trex provides their customers a 25-year warranty for staining and fading whereas Timbertech offers their customers a 30-year warranty.

What is the difference between TREX and composite decking?

Nope. Although Trex contains plastic, it’s a composite decking material. As a result, you get the the eye-catching look of rich wood with the durability of a composite. Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, it’s environmentally friendly and designed to remain free of rotting, splitting, splintering, insect damage.

Does Trex require special screws?

Q: What tools are required? A: No special tools are required when using Trex grooved edge deck boards, just a drill with screw drive bit and a standard framing hammer. When using Trex decking without the grooved edge, a router bit will be needed to create a groove at each joist.