What is hepatic flexure?

Medical Definition of hepatic flexure Structure. The right colic flexure or hepatic flexure (as it is next to the liver) is the sharp bend between the ascending colon and the transverse colon. The hepatic flexure lies in the right upper quadrant of the human abdomen. It receives blood supply from the superior mesenteric artery. Also … Read more

What does difficult airway mean?

a difficult airway is defined as the clinical situation in which a. conventionally trained anesthesiologist experiences difficulty. with facemask ventilation of the upper airway, difficulty with. tracheal intubation, or both. The difficult airway represents. The main factors implicated in difficult endotracheal intubation were poor dental condition in young patients, low Mallampati score and interincisor gap … Read more

What does Nchec stand for?

The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc., or NCHEC (pronounced N-Check), is a nonprofit organization whose mission is: To meet this mission, NCHEC certifies health education specialists, promotes professional development, and strengthens professional preparation and practice. The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc., or NCHEC (pronounced N-Check), is a nonprofit organization whose mission … Read more

What is the interventricular groove?

Medical Definition of interventricular sulcus Shallow grooves called the interventricular sulci, containing blood vessels, mark the separation between ventricles on the front and back surfaces of the heart. There are two grooves on the external surface of the heart. Furthermore, what lies in the atrioventricular groove? One, the atrioventricular groove, is along the line where … Read more

How does NFL Network work on Sling TV?

All Sling Blue customers will automatically receive NFL Network, while NFL RedZone is available to Sling Blue customers as part of the “Sports Extra” add-on pack for an additional $5 per month. The NFL Network-produced NFL RedZone channel brings fans every touchdown of every game on Sunday afternoons. Sling Orange has ESPN, while Sling Blue … Read more

How do I invalidate cache in IntelliJ?

Select File | Invalidate Caches/Restart from the main menu. The Invalidate Caches message appears informing you that the caches will be invalidated and rebuilt on the next start. Use buttons in the dialog to invalidate caches, restart JetBrains Rider, or both. There are three specific methods to invalidate a cache, but not all caching proxies … Read more

How do you wash rayon blouse?

If you must machine-wash a rayon item, turn it inside out and put it in a mesh washing bag. Wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle with a low spin cycle. It’s best not to machine dry a rayon item, as it can destroy the fabric. If you wash a rayon garment that … Read more