When did trade desk go public?

The Trade Desk launched its IPO September 21, 2016, with an initial stock price of $18.00; its IPO closing market price gained to $30.10 per share.

With such a solid performance in the growing online advertising market, The Trade Desk deserves a premium valuation. But with shares trading at nearly 80 times forward earnings and over 20 times trailing 12-month sales, the margin of safety appears nonexistent.

Additionally, is the trade desk a DSP? The Trade Desk is a DSP or demand-side platform that enables agencies and brands to place digital advertisements in the form of mobile advertising, native advertising, digital audio, video and social across different devices desktop, mobile and connected TV included.

Also to know, is trade desk overvalued?

The Trade Desk: A digital advertising disruptor Another overvalued stock, The Trade Desk (TTD) has lost 9.7% today. It’s trading at a forward PE multiple of 57x. Comparatively, its earnings are estimated to rise 17.8% in 2019, 14.8% in 2020, and at an annual rate of 30% in the next five years.

Who uses the trade desk?

Companies Currently Using The Trade Desk

Company Name Website Country
Marketron marketron.com US
Adtaxi adtaxi.com US
Media Assembly media-assembly.com US
Creative Direct Marketing Group Inc. cdmginc.com US

What does the trade desk do?

The Trade Desk id a global advertising technology company. Through its platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize data-driven digital advertising campaigns across display, video, audio, native and social on multiple devices, including computers, mobile devices, and connected TV.

Why did Roku stock fall?

gives thumbs down to latest report. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Roku Inc’s (ROKU. O) stock tumbled 11% on Thursday after the video streaming company gave a quarterly report that Wall Street deemed not good enough to justify its sky-high valuation.

Is Google AdWords a DSP?

Most DSPs are similar to AdWords in that they are used to create ad campaigns. But, DSPs provide advertisers access into the vendor-neutral RTB ecosystem; whereas AdWords only allows campaigns to run within the Google network.

Which DSP is best?

Top 10 List of Demand Side Platforms (DSP) MediaMath. Amazon (AAP) DoubleClick. LiveRamp. Choozle. TubeMogul. BrightRoll. AppNexus.

Is the trade desk a DMP?

Our fully integrated data management platform (DMP), partnerships with leading data providers, and exclusive access to The Data Alliance are some of the leading reasons the largest cross-device advertisers in the world rely on The Trade Desk.

What is a programmatic trader?

An ideal Programmatic Trader is a self-starter, numbers-oriented, analytical thinker who is able to creatively leverage data to drive results and achieve client goals and objectives.

When did the trade desk go public?

We first traded on Nasdaq on September 21, 2016. The IPO price was $18 per share. Our common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Market Exchange under the ticker symbol “TTD”.

What is a DSP in marketing?

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface. Many third parties are integrating with DSPs to provide better tracking.

What is a programmatic trading desk?

An Agency Trading Desk is an independent unit within a media buying agency that centralizes the buying and optimization of “programmatic” or “biddable” media. DSPs are the technology platforms used to manage and optimize these buys.

What is programmatic buying?

Programmatic media buying, marketing and advertising is the algorithmic purchase and sale of advertising space in real time. During this process, software is used to automate the buying, placement, and optimisation of media inventory via a bidding system.

What is a programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. Targeting tactics are used to segment audiences using data so that advertisers only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time, and depend less on the “spray and pray” method of digital advertising.

How does trade desk make money?

Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, The Trade Desk has become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers best-in-class technology to manage display, social, mobile, and video advertising campaigns.

Who are the trade desk competitors?

The top 10 competitors in The Trade Desk’s competitive set are Pocketmath, StrikeAd, Vizu , Invite Media, BiddingX, Smaato, Smartyads, Adxperience, App Samurai and April Bell Research Group. Together they have raised over 74.1M between their estimated 918 employees.

What is RTB advertising?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Real-time bidding (RTB) is a means by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets.