Where did Valerie Worth live?

Valerie Worth. Valerie Worth (1933-1994)Acclaimed poet Valerie Worth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in nearby Swarthmore, where her father taught biology at Swarthmore College. The family then moved to Tampa, Florida, and Bangalore, India, where they lived for one year.

July 31, 1994

One may also ask, is Valerie Worth still alive? Deceased (1933–1994)

Simply so, how did Valerie Worth die?


When was Valerie Worth born?

October 29, 1933

Who inspired Valerie Worth?

Poet Valerie Worth is Inspired by Small Things. Her books include Small Poems (1972), Small Poems Again (1986), and Curlicues: The Fortunes of Two Pug Dogs (1980). Here is a poem from More Small Poems. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

How much is Valerie Worth?

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What did Valerie Worth do for a living?


What year did Valerie Worth get married?

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 29 Oct 1933 to Charles Brooke Worth and Merida Grey. Valerie Worth married George Wilbon Bahlke. She passed away on 31 Jul 1994 in Clinton, Oneida, New York.

Who did Valerie Worth married?

George Bahlke